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30 day

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your 30 day guide to resetting your gut health and hormones for a happier, healthier you!

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Tried every fad juice detox, and low-carb trend on the market? And you’re tired of hopping from one specialty diet to the next?

i don't blame you...

I’ve been thereㅡstuck in the constant struggle of wasting time, money and energy on programs that only gave a hint of relief.  I was so tired of people telling me I HAD to avoid my favourite foods in order to feel “healthy”.

so I strived to...

Learn more about my constant health issues, what was causing them and how I could get rid of them for good.

I then focused my attention on learning the cause and effects that whole foods had on my body and what I could do to change my lifestyle.

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right now...

Your constant mood swings, lack of energy, feelings of bloat and constipation make you feel like you’re not yourself.

Your constant cravings make it hard to avoid passing by the sweet sections.

You can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel like this. The constant struggle with your body has gone on for way too long.

You’re constantly searching for the program that’s finally going to free you from your symptoms.

You’re surviving on another sleepless nightㅡ barely getting through the day and relying on coffee/snacks to boost your energy.

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30 days

from now...


Your day doesn’t revolve around symptoms of bloat, headaches, mood swings or poor quality sleep.

Your motivation and energy are back and you feel excited about your days again.



You’re finding natural ways to improve your hormones and correct the imbalances without sacrificing what you love to eat.


You finally have an understanding of what is causing your symptoms and recognize what nutrients and supplements you need.


You no longer have insatiable cravings for sweet or salty foods.

You never have to spend money on another disappointing program again.


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You’re surrounded by a community of women facing similar challenges as you.

You’ve learned to seek out the benefits of using whole foods.

You recognize the importance of making lifestyle changes one ingredient at a time. 

You’re able to focus on the way foods make you feel  instead of constantly worrying about only eating from a list of “good” foods. 

You’re given all the resources you will need to support you with these changes.

You have a place to come back to whenever it fits your lifestyle. 

You can still have the foods you love but instead, with wholesome ingredients.

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and imagine if...

If this sounds like where you want to be in 30 days

Thrive Reset will give you all the



& Community

you need to start making these changes with lifetime access.

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what people are saying...

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it's time to take

back your life by:


eating whole foods

breaking the

restrictive mindset

eliminating pathogens

Thrive Reset is a 30 day self-paced reset designed to help you heal your gut, balance your hormones and get you out of the never-ending symptom vortex for good.

If you struggle with eating right for your body, or are just frustrated with wasting your money, Thrive Reset is your solution!

Thrive Reset focuses on helping you learn the importance of WHAT is causing your discomfort while providing you with the tools to eliminate the pathogens at the root of your symptoms.

Inside Thrive Reset, you have access to done-for-you meal plans, and guides so that you’re never in the dark with what to do next.

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Thrive Reset provides you with lifelong support that allows you to complete, retake or adjust the program to fit your lifestyle.




your thrive reset coach!

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Living a life filled with discomfort from gut-related symptoms is not new to me. At the start of my healing journey it took me years of testing different diets and supplements to find what worked for me. This led me to dive deeper into nutrition and how it could change my life.

I stopped searching for my answers on Google, or in the form of the latest fad diet.  Instead I focused on healing my body from a holistic approach, using whole foods that aided in eliminating the pathogens responsible for my symptoms. I looked at creating a lifestyle that did not include fear of the foods I was putting into my body, but rather on how I could modify my favourite foods in a way that would benefit my health.

I put an end to the symptom vortex that I spent years stuck in, once and for all. Now, my goal is to support other women in reclaiming their health and their lives. So I began researching each body's unique needs and the course of action that proved to have the best and long-term results.

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I strive to help all the women who are tired of fighting with program after program for results.

I came to give a way out, to show women what their bodies can do when they provide it with the right nutrients.


Ok, I know what you’re thinking…

"But Kayla"...

This is not some fad internet challenge you happened to come across! Thrive Reset is a guide that has no start or end date, the guide is there to follow based on your schedule!

 You can choose to use the Reset as a once in a while   reset - or live it as a lifestyle!

“I’ve done every 30, 60, and 90 challenge on the internet…”

Chances are you’ve tried, you have 3 Pinterest boards full of ways to clean your digestive tract and a million articles saved in your history! You don't need to figure it out yourself- I’ve successfully combined all of the resources needed so you don't have to!

“I can just browse through the internet and figure this out on my own”

This is why I've included some of the best digestive friendly recipes there are! The guide provides modifications to the recipes that you already know and love- and the best part is your family won't even know the difference. 

“My household is full of picky eaters... I can’t create different meals every night”

No! With the elimination process, you have to find out how each ingredient makes you feel by temporarily removing foods. When we look at removing processed foods, dairy and sugar - it doesn’t have to be for good! You and your body will decide how you feel after elimination and how much of each food you want to put back into your life!

“Is eliminating foods the same as a restrictive diet?”


You do not need to have all the answers or spend hours piecing together all of the contradictory information from the internet.

Your job is to show up and be present in your life in whatever form that looks like!

I'm not going to tell you that you can't have pizza, I'm going to show you the right substitutions so that you still feel good after eating it.

I'm not going to shame you for eating that fudgy brownie at 8 a.m.. I'm going to guide you on how to swap out ingredients so that brownie becomes breakfast instead of a treat. 

I’m not pressuring you to “eat good food” all the time - I’m going to change your mindset so food no longer looks “good" or "bad”.

My goal is to guide the Thrive Reset community to a future of symptom-free living.

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Weekly Q&A Sessions

This is a weekly Live Q&A Session where I will answer any questions you may have. I’m here to provide solutions to any struggles that you are experiencing while taking the 30-Day reset! We want to be there for you through it all.

Lifetime access to all of the live Q&As, resources, tools and guides given so that you can take the reset at your own pace! If you find yourself wanting to take the reset again in the future you can always refer back to these materials. You will receive access to new resources and bonuses as they are added to the course.

Meal Plan: Meat Eaters & Vegetarian Options

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Supplements Guide

Don’t know where to start with supplements? Get an inside look at the supplements that will help you to balance your gut and relieve you of your symptoms for good.

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Symptoms Guide

The symptoms guide is your tool of reference for treating any common symptoms you may be experiencing as you go through Thrive Reset.

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Grocery Shopping Guide

A ready to go shopping guide so you never have to wander up and down the aisles second guessing your purchases and wasting time.

Thrive Reset Facebook Support Group

When you join, you’ll also become a member of the Thrive Reset Facebook Support Group! An exclusive community to support you during your progress no matter what stage you are at!

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30-Day Thrive Reset Guide

The 30-Day step-by-step guide to gain an understanding of how candida and other pathogens are compromising your gut health. The guide will show you how to remove these pathogens and keep them away.

Kitchen Clean Out Guide

You’ll use this guide to remove the foods and snacks you instinctively reach for while replacing them with whole and nourishing ingredients that make you feel amazing.

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What you get

Eating Out Guide

The Eating Out Guide is here to teach you how to still go out to your favorite restaurant with friends, and enjoy your favorite foods just with better ingredients!

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to all of the live Q&As, resources, tools and guides given so that you can take the reset at your own pace! If you find yourself wanting to take the reset again in the future you can always refer back to these materials. You will receive access to new resources and bonuses as they are added to the course.

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using all of the tools provided by





You are ready to join

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