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I'm Kayla, aka your Gut Goddess Nutritionist and BIE Energy Healer. I'm SO Glad you're here!

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I specialize in helping people just like you, searching for an answer to your chronic gut issues, find a solution, so you can live your most vibrant life!  


When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2011, I was in the exact. same. situation. I spent years trying every modality, medication and diet, but it wasn’t until I combined BIE and IBD coaching that my life changed forever- and yours can too!


I reversed my food intolerances, learned how to properly cook and prepare nutritious food that allowed for a healing response, came off biologics and healed my gut. 


Balanced By Kayla was established to help people just like you break free from symptoms, push past limiting beliefs and help you reach optimal health. If you’re suffering from chronic gut issues like Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS, Candida, Food Sensitivities, and everything in between - know that healing is possible! So let's create the health and life you desire -TOGETHER!

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BIE (BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination) is a natural, non-invasive energy modality that helps a person’s body identify stressors that are causing symptoms and bring it back into balance or homeostasis, without the use of needles or drugs.


Everything in the universe has a unique vibrational frequency. This includes foods, emotions, environmental elements, etc. Sometimes, through stress or trauma, your body can begin to interpret healthy or neutral things as stressors. This can cause sensitivities that are effectively uncovered by BIE testing, but may be missed on a  traditional testing modality. 


If you are noticing any of the following signs and symptoms, BIE may be a great option for you; Acne or rash, Allergies, Anemia, Anxiety, Depression, Asthma, Arthritis or Gout, Constipation or Diarrhea, Dehydration, Digestive disorders, Eczema, Edema, Fluid retention, Fatigue, Food cravings, Frequent urination, Hair loss, Headaches, Migraines, Hemorrhoids, Hormonal imbalances and more!

"Kayla is the one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Her energy, kind-heart, passion for well-being and positive attitude have added such a bliss to my health journey. I've been working closely with Kayla to determine what actually triggers my attacks. Kayla, alongside BIE has truly been the missing puzzle piece. We have balanced foods, hormones, emotions and so much more. I'm in the hands of Kayla; all is going to be okay!"

- Sanan M


Waterloo Hours:
Tuesday - Thursday: 9AM-5PM

Toronto Hours:
Sunday: 9AM-3PM

WellHaven, 955 Dovercourt Rd.,
Toronto, ON

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