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Tried every fad juice detox, and low-carb trend on the market? And you’re tired of hopping from one specialty diet to the next?

i don't blame you...

I’ve been thereㅡstuck in the constant struggle of wasting time, money and energy on programs that only gave a hint of relief.  I was so tired of people telling me I HAD to avoid my favourite foods in order to feel “healthy”.

so I strived to...

Learn more about my constant health issues, what was causing them and how I could get rid of them for good.

I then focused my attention on learning the cause and effects that whole foods had on my body and what I could do to change my lifestyle.

let me guess, (2).png

right now...

Your constant mood swings, lack of energy, feelings of bloat and constipation make you feel like you’re not yourself.

Your constant cravings make it hard to avoid passing by the sweet sections.

You can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel like this. The constant struggle with your body has gone on for way too long.

You’re constantly searching for the program that’s finally going to free you from your symptoms.

You’re surviving on another sleepless nightㅡ barely getting through the day and relying on coffee/snacks to boost your energy.

let me guess, (3).png


Kayla's Private 1:1 Coaching Program

Hello love! 


I am so excited and deeply honoured that you have considered working together as a next step along your growth and healing journey.


Within this ELEVATED container, I hold a very sacred space, only working with women who are energetically aligned and ready to uplevel their health frequency. 


Please take your time filling out this form, giving each response the most authentic version of you. The intention is to truly understand if there is mutual alignment to ensure you get the most growth and transformation out of this wellness embodied experience with me. 

Where Did You Hear About This Program?
Which of the following best fit with your goals? (Check all that apply)
This is a $1500/mo investment (or $4500+ HST paid in full). Are you ready to invest in yourself at this level to create the elevated wellness [mind, body, energy] you desire in your life? (*note, the investment for this container will be increasing as of November 2021, reflecting the upleveled tools and techniques Kayla has acquired and)

Thanks for submitting!

Next steps: 


Applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. Please note, availability for ELEVATED 1:1 Private Coaching is limited to allow Kayla to hold space with the highest intention for maximum results and transformation. 


Once you have submitted your form, please allow up to 7 business days for Kayla to review and follow up regarding your application. 


Any questions, please email 

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