To all the women who have tried to heal on their own, googling solutions, trying diet after diet and endless supplements and still haven't figured out how to break free from symptoms once and for all. 



No matter what you eat, you always seem to have a bloated stomach and an annoying headache. Then the cramps and sharp pains begin to set in.

Your skin keeps breaking out like crazy and you’ve been in the worst mood with no energy for as long as you can remember.  

You avoid pool days and social distance back yard hang outs unless you can find the perfect outfit to hide your backne and your super inflamed gut. You go through your closet 20x over but end up just feeling hopeless.

You've become Dr. Google searching for different types of diets, reasons for acne, mood imbalances and low energy. You feel so defeated and frustrated. You’ve already researched this stuff over a million times before. 

You know something has to change, but you’ve been so stressed out that you haven’t had a chance to take time to figure out how you’re going to get sh*t under control. 


You question if anything will ever work. You’ve already done the paleo thing, tried keto, and even went vegan for a bit. Even those supplements you ordered just seemed to make things worse. 

You want so badly to end this and eliminate symptoms once and for all, but you know you can't do it alone. Deep down, you know you need support.

You tell yourself you can't keep having these week-long episodes with constant breakouts, bloat and pain and making excuses as to why you keep putting this on the back burner. 

The next thing you know, you're back to the same never-ending vortex of trying to find something new.

you start to wonder what to do... 

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it’s time to ELIMINATE these symptoms, finally be in control of your health WITHOUT all the restrictive diets,

guessing games and Dr Google!!!

The good news is that you’re closer than ever to living your

most vibrant life, free of symptoms and feeling trapped in your body



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This program is for ready AF, determined women who have a deep knowing that their body is capable of TRUE healing and are ready to BREAK FREE from the symptoms tying them down so they can live their most vibrant and balanced life! 

"I was instantly drawn to Kayla’s upbeat, fun and genuine personality (just from following her online!) When I met with Kayla, she listened to all my concerns and we got started right away. Kayla helped explain things to me, and it’s relation to overall health as well as fertility. We both had more energy, more regular/normal bowel movements, and lost weight! I couldn’t believe the difference we both felt. We plan to make this a yearly cleanse! I feel more energized, rested, happier and optimistic and I have Kayla to thank for a lot of that! And best of all, the reset worked its magic, as we have since welcomed our first child this year!"  - Ally

You deserve to wake up feeling energized that lasts all day long

You deserve to have clear skin and balanced hormones

You deserve to go out for dinner and eat food without fear and anxiety

You deserve to break free of restrictions and boxed-in diets

You deserve to have symptom relief 

You deserve to not be controlled by cravings 

You deserve to not feel bloated 24/7

You deserve to not have PMS symptoms, feel moody and annoyed

You deserve to have the right support 

You deserve to know what foods fuel your body

You deserve to come out of a program with having a deeper understanding of your body while eliminating symptoms and feeling alive and happy AF!




Mistake #1: you try to follow every diet on the market, thinking by process of elimination - 1 of them is bound to work

Mistake #2: your friend tried a certain supplement, so you figure that must be the missing link

Mistake #3: you figure you mind as well try and do it on your own first before investing in a practitioner and coach

Mistake #4: you think Dr Google might give you some answers if only you could squeeze more time to better understand

Mistake #5: you think by adding in a bit more fruits and veggies, that maybe that will do the trick










Healing Pillar 1: Nourishment 

Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding dis-ease or preventing it. Not only that, its key to knowing what foods specifically will help YOU thrive because no one diet is a cure-all. While learning how to personalize and properly nourish your body, you'll be provided with simple, easy to follow and SUPER delicious recipes that you can whip up with ease! This done for you approach takes ALL the guess work out of meal time and accelerates your goals in eliminating symptoms and making your body thrive! 

Healing Pillar 2: Supplements

The goal isn’t to become the pill popping queen, but there's definitely a time and a place when it comes to supplements.  Adding in personalized supplements at specific times can totally up your healing game in helping you achieve your goals. Not only will you be given a personalized supplement plan that is designed to support your specific symptoms and goals, but you will also learn the WHY behind them so that you can support your body and healing journey, in the best way possible. 

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Healing Pillar 3: Mindset

The body achieves what the mind believes. Become aware of the power of your mind and the impact it can have on your health and wellbeing. Learn to harness your thoughts, beliefs and mind with the power of various mindset techniques to help bring you the health you have always desired! 

Healing Pillar 4: Self Care

The most important relationship you can ever have is the one you have with yourself. Think of how you show love to others. Now take that same energy and intention and put it towards YOU! Self care looks different for everyone and is completely individual. But it’s time you got back to those feel-good practices and strengthen the self-healer within. Receive tools and techniques to calm your nervous system and recharge your energy while getting to the root of your symptoms. 

Healing Pillar 5: Holistic Lifestyle

Eating nourishing foods and taking all the right supplements is great but remember your lifestyle has to follow suit too! 


Living a holistic lifestyle dives deeper into how you live your life from a mind, body and soul perspective. Think movement, sleep, having good stress management and self care practices, to trusting your intuition and living life in alignment with your beliefs.  Learn to uncover and develop your own personalized holistic lifestyle. One that is in alignment to helping you achieve your personal healing goals. 

Healing Pillar 6: Energy Healing 

Let go and be prepared to expand to a whole new level of consciousness. Energy healing is a crucial element to unlocking your greatest healing potential.


Everything in this universe is made up of energy and holds its own unique vibrational frequency - including you! Even your thoughts, feelings and emotions contain energetic vibrations so the more you sit with a positive emotions, the higher your vibration and the more you will attract that frequency. 


Learn how to discover your energy body, shield and protect your energy, vibrate higher through emotions and ground your being. 

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Private coaching with an initial 1 hour deep dive intensive and 6 biweekly healing calls to give you personalized support and accountability to keep you motivated and reaching your goals!



Receive custom healing protocols after each coaching session that address your primary health concerns and goals. Amendments and recommendations to your dietary and lifestyle changes will be provided. 



 A 30 day reset with self-paced modules, over 120 gluten free, dairy free and sugar free meals of your fav foods to balance your gut, hormones and keep you energized! 



  Get support at your fingertips through an exclusive channel to have your questions answered and work through any challenges whenever you need it most!  



  Meet like-minded women and be part of a community with other Evolve to Heal females who are levelling the F up when it comes to their health.  Together you will learn, grow and transform into your healthiest you! 





  Monthly live community calls where you will be supported by Kayla as well as Guest Experts to further your growth and healing!



A personalized curated healing box with all the tools of the 6 healing pillars needed to be successful in your transformation!



  Fast and convenient access to our program app where you will have all your personalized healing protocols, meal plans and modules in one place, so it's with you any time, anywhere you go!

What's Included

peep some of the AMAZING past

Guest Specialists




Becka is an international energy healer, wellness expert and founder of I AM Energy Collective, school & podcast. 

Over the years Becka has managed to reverse all her health ailments naturally through food, wellness practices and energy healing.


Becka is passionate about transforming her life and others by awakening the body, mind and soul.

Christina is a Mindset Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and both a dedicated Student and Instructor of Yoga. 

Through the transformative power of movement, the mastery of the mind, and the use of unique modalities that re-program the subconscious, Christina helps those who feel stuck in unhealthy patterns and self-sabotage experience inner-freedom, claim the confidence to live their truth, and learn the secrets to manifesting their #soulgoals! 

Dennise is a breathwork facilitator and stress management coach that focuses on helping women reduce stress and overwhelm using breath.  She firmly believes that everything we need to heal is within each and everyone of us.  


Breathwork's unique healing capabilities bypass the mind and connect us to our own unique ability to heal.  As a trained breathwork facilitator she guides people to use the power of their breath to come home to themselves and live from our natural state of safety, peace & well being. 

Rafia is a celiac blogger, nutritionist and clean beauty enthusiast. She loves spending her time spreading education on how you don’t have to compromise your expectations to find clean products to add to your life.

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If you’re ready to stop going down the diet vortex, putting up with discomfort day in and day out, and have full control of your health, then you’re ready for

"Kayla is the BEST at what she does! She is so knowledgeable on the body, it's functions, energy, hormones, nutrition and wellness in general. I thought I was going to give a new healing modality a go on my long-term fertility struggle, and I did: but it was so much more than that! Kayla's reset and coaching was LIFE changing for me. It helped me to balance my body in so many different ways, but also allowed me to release stored energy and emotions I didn't even realize I was holding on to! Also, I thought I would be starving or wishing I could eat more and it was actually the opposite. I took such joy in the simple foods and it's all my body wanted because the supplements are working so hard to clean you out, intuitively your body craves whole, nutritious foods. I found the whole process so enjoyable. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT. Best reset ever, for anyone. " - Angela

Hi! I’m Kayla, your Evolve to Heal coach. 


When I started my healing journey it took me years of trying different diets and learning about alternative modalities to heal. No matter how many experts I spoke to, diets I tried, and money I spent on supplements, I still wasn’t getting the true results I wanted. 


That’s when I started to look at every piece of my healing journey as just that. Pieces of an entire puzzle. I realized that only focussing on diet, or supplements, or alternative therapies on their own was never going to give me the true, transformation and lifestyle I was looking for.


So I went all in. Stopped conforming to specific diets and only looked at the components of each that suited me and my specific needs. 

I looked at healing not just from a food perspective but how I lived my life, from the moment I woke up to when I went to bed. 

I began reading more about clean living, using non-toxic products, and what it meant to have a healthy home. 

I dove deeper into mindfulness, energy healing and the subconscious mind, and established a self care routine that was curated uniquely to me. 

Only when I brought them all together in a way that was personalized for my specific needs that true transformational healing began.

I realized that I wasn't the 'problem' and that I wasn't 'broken' if a certain diet or plan didn't work for me. We are so unique as individuals and therefore our healing plans need to stay true to that. 

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I found my own success because I worked with practitioners and coaches who identified gaps in my healing approach and helped me apply strategies that worked for ME. I began to nourish my body for what it needed at the time it needed it, along with modifying my supplement regiment. I developed a mindset practice and self care routine that was supportive to my personal healing and growth. I began living a holistic lifestyle and was intentional about the products I bought and became more aware of harmful ingredients. I learned to protect my energy and how to raise my vibration to further my healing transformation. 

So often we're taught that our diseases, symptoms and diagnoses are incurable, or are something we have to deal with for the rest of our lives. When really, we should be honouring our body's incredible capabilities and that we are powerful self-healers. When we have a personalized healing plan that is focussed on the mind, body and soul, you can truly begin to heal from the inside out. 

Now, I get to help women, every day, do just that. By showing them that they don't need to suffer with their symptoms, and struggle with knowing how to take control of their health. With some small changes and modifications to lifestyle, diet and mindset, anyone can live a vibrant and balanced life, and truly EVOLVE TO HEAL. 


“I connected with Kayla because of her honest and compassionate approach to gut discomforts and health as well as energy healing. She was the first practitioner that I connected with that wholeheartedly believed in energy healing. I have tried many meal plans and restrictions for years prior to but still struggled with chronic bloating, irritability and inability to lose weight on a sustainable basis. Kayla was incredibly welcoming and comforting to discuss with. She explained the process very well each time and was always very open to answering repeating questions. I now feel lighter and more in control of my body. It's been such a relief. Kayla, thank you for your warm and genuine care throughout!" - Fani

You're ready



  • If you’ve just started to change your diet and want to get it right the first time around

  • If you’re tired of being Dr Google looking for the right healing plan only to be more confused and overwhelmed 

  • If you’ve committed in your mind but need some support in making healing a reality

  • If you’ve already put in the work and effort and you’re ready to get to the next level of healing

  • If you’re tired of your body screaming at you to take action and want to feel more than a shell of a human

  • If you’re done comparing yourself to others healing journey and feeling like it's never going to happen for you

  • If you know deep down that you are capable of healing and are curious to find out what changes are needed to take control of your health and where you should be directing your focus and energy  

testimonial here

testimonial here

I knew Kayla's program was for me because of my chronic inflammation which always starts in the gut. Since starting the reset my anxiety has almost subsided and my body is less inflamed. Once I got past the first ten days, the rest felt like a breeze. My body stopped craving junk and actually wanted nourishing food.


My favourite part of the was realizing that my health is in my own hands. Sometimes healing is daunting, but taking it one day at a time feels incredibly manageable and ultimately very powerful.


Start if you are tired of the same issues not getting better. It may feel out of reach, but you really do change and it becomes a new way of life.

I loved the coaching support. Kayla is such a warm guide who has been through a lot of health struggles, so she gets it! She was always available for an encouraging word, or sending updates to recipes to accommodate allergies. She’s a great guide to work with and ultimately becomes a friend on this healing journey. - Laura

Since working with Kayla I have felt way more energy throughout my day, I don’t wake up bloated, I don’t experience food sensitivity, and my mood has spiked to being overall way more positive and happy. I have learned that what goes into my body matters. I have never felt like I understood my own body until the reset, and I have never been more in tune with what my body NEEDS.


I have learned to listen to my body, but in a way that is nourishing. I am way more at peace with myself, and feel so organized and in charge of my health. The recipes that Kayla provides in the extensive meal plans are soooo delicious! I honestly have very little cravings for sweets and I prefer eating clean now. 

Kayla was always there to answer ANY of my questions at any time. She was always supportive, knowledgable, efficient and so friendly with her responses - and truly just was supportive of me and my journey of becoming the healthiest and highest version of myself.

Kayla is the light-worker I never knew I needed! - Julie

What happens when you apply to 


You'll get on an enrolment call with Kayla to ensure that Evolve to Heal is the perfect fit for you and your healing goals. 


Once you're in, you'll first have a deep dive intimate talk with Kayla about where you're at, what your healing goals are and expectations moving forward in Evolve to Heal. You'll get full access to the Balanced by Kayla Reset along with a personalized healing protocol to get you started right away- FEEL THE VIBE!


You'll spend the next 3 months showing up, being held accountable, being supported, learning and uncovering so many life changing enlightenments, while working towards eliminating symptoms so you can EVOLVE to HEAL. 


You'll walk away from Evolve to Heal with more energy and a clear understanding of how to nourish your mind, body and soul. This means you'll be in control of your health, have an established mindset and self care routine, a healing tool kit to help enable you to protect your energy and live a holistic lifestyle. One that you truly love and makes you thrive! 

The health freedom you want is SO close. 


A lot closer to your reality than you think! 


If you are still going in circles when it comes to getting your health under control, trying to eliminate symptoms and done with the Dr. Google diet and symptom vortex...

If you want to get back to the time when you had energy and felt your best so you could show up as your very best and never again deal with the frustration and emotional distress caused constant bloating, acne, hormone imbalances and fatigue...


If you’re thinking that you can just get by for now and maybe join another time, but the voice in the back of your head is screaming for you to take action…


If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, disappointed and angry and

you’re confused about how to take action...


If you’ve got your sights set on symptom freedom, but it just 

seems like a pipe dream…




"I went to see Kayla to try something different in a state of desperation and could not be happier with the end result. Kayla was extremely professional and truly caring and compassionate about my needs and concerns. She guided me through the reset with her coaching and while I was skeptical at first, my issue was resolved and I've never felt better!" - Heather

What is the investment for this transformation?

We have ensured that the investment for this program is affordable for the support and transformation that you will receive. Payment plans are available!

When does coaching start?

The next round begins January 25, 2021.

What does support look like with Kayla?

You will have access to Kayla in 4 ways: Text/voice note support with Kayla whenever you need it Scheduled 1:1 biweekly Coaching Calls Monthly community calls hosted by Kayla Monhtly Guest Expert trainings hosted by Kayla or a Guest Specialst

How do I know if this program is right for me?

This program is for two types of people: The woman who is new to healing and wants to go down a natural approach to eliminating symptoms. Or the woman who has been down the self-healing road before, but hasn't been able to find the right commbination of strategies that work just right in order to have symptom freedom. This program goes into multiple facets of healing - get ready to learn, transform and grow!